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How to find a good hairdresser

Comment trouver un bon coiffeur

Looking for a good stylist? Wondering how to find the right beauty salon?

The day will come when you should find a new hairdresser because your favorite hairdresser is pregnant, decided to change careers or work in another salon, you have moved into a new neighborhood or simply for your own pleasure and your desire to experience a head change!

Not knowing what to do or where to go? Four points to remember and some helpful tips to search and find that rare gem:

1. It would be preferable to present yourself (according to your style) at any salon made up, well dressed, well-coordinated to suit your personality. The service you will receive will be exceptional and realistic to your expectations!

Take along photos that you like of hairstyles, hair colors, etc… of what you aspire to achieve with your hair.

2. Find a hair beauty salon with an excellent reputation in which the staff is always up to date and attends continuing education and seminars and especially a salon where the presence of a mentor (Senior Stylist Master) works on site.

In other words, it is better to find a good essential salon, to avoid being disappointed and not content with only finding a stylist. As you know, stylists and hairdressers tend to change locations every year or so, for no particular reason.

3. Ask friends, relatives or coworkers the person they would recommend as a hairdresser. And if you like a complete stranger’s hairstyle that you meet by chance in the street or in the super market, dare to ask the name of their stylist and THEIR salon’s address. The person will be flattered and will work with you to convey the right information you need.

4. Age, sex, sexual orientation, race, and years of experience do not affect the talent of a stylist. Do not be taken in this absurd game of stereotypes! Instead give yourself at least three visits with the same hairdresser. This way, it will give you both a chance to attain your objectives, appreciate the talent and know-how of the stylist while they are mastering and making your hairdo last.

If the new hair beauty salon is an avant-garde salon, any of the stylists (and you can try them all without embarrassment) you choose, you’ll always be happy.