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Because many of us get stuck in the same ‘look’ for years, long after it has gone out of fashion. So why not get a makeover that really brings out your best features? We know how to do hair and stylish makeovers to enhance people’s natural beauty- it’s what we are passionate about.

Discover the makeovers made at the Super Salon Choucri



Trendy, elegant unstructured haircut, inspiration from the 70s, with a tapered finish !

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An asymmetrical haircut!

Jordane Gagnon Côté

An asymmetrical haircut that is both stylish and androgynous! Trendy, this haircut with a shaved side and different lengths, provides maximum texture and a current look!

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Florence Lefebvre

For our model, we turned instead to a long-graduated bob. A hairstyle that we can wear straight or just twist in waves! Ash blond - the favorite colour of romantic women.

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Marie-Pier Meunier-Sirois

For bold young girls, short hair is feminine and sexy! Our model wears an asymmetrical cut that softly frames the face and adds definition to the cut. A volume-free cut highlighted with a bold red-orange colour

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City Look

Marie-Pier Meunier-Sirois

Fashion inspires us and motivates us to stay on top of the latest trends in hairdressing. Bold and avant-garde cuts and styles, unconventional punchy colours, discovering vibrant shades usually reserved for street fashion. The same model, the same day, the same team! A lot of fun! Here, we have a slightly plunging faux long bob. A hairstyle that can also be twisted into beach waves. Ash blond - a favourite colour for romantic women.

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Would you Dare ?

Vanessa Zuchwosky

A lovely haircut by Choucri! Following the colour trends, Emilie chose a Rose Gold for a more daring effect!

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Marie-Pier Descôteaux

This romantic hairstyle, captures a certain nostalgic period of time brought back to emphasize beautiful healthy hair and a luscious, sleek color which is perfect for this style!

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Scintiller, plusieurs versions!

Vanessa Zuchwosky

D'un chic français, d'une couleur aguichante avec une ligne simple, déconnectée et désinvolte en même temps.

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The Fringe

Jessii Ca C-Charbonneau

This cut evokes precision technique. Jessii Ca's rounded fringe, shown here, suits her slightly elongated face and medium-length hair. Her different hair styles combine beauty and sensuality!

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Wearable Look

Nancy-Ann Villeneuve

Inspired by the 80s, this look has different lengths that come to life with the contours of the face. The concave cut at the base of the neck extends and highlights the lengths of the sides, creating a slender and soft effect. The front is designed with solid and defined bangs that frame the face with audacity and charm. The cognac coloring enhances and defines the lines of the cut; the dark brown and red highlights combine for a superb eye-catching style.

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Versatile Look

Miranda Jaha

It's all in the bangs, plus a little something extra. A versatile and customised look, a superb new style and colour inspired by the return of the 60s and 70s; with vibrant red and violet shades on a black background to create a look that is second to none.

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Ode to the Curl!


Curls: romantic, often with beautiful volume, one of the most beautiful hairstyles for curly hair. Enjoy!

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A Glamorous Bob

Roxanne Dulac

Simplicity and femininity go hand in hand. These qualities are highlighted in the classic cut: the bob…all shapes and styles, either retro chic, wavy, or messy.

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My Phuong Chau

This short hairstyle is an easy hairstyle to live and wear. A current hairstyle, which favors asymmetrical short hair, degraded with subtly wavy and ruffled volume.

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Other makeovers


Marie-Hélène Maheux

Want a successful curly hairstyle. What cut would suit my curly / frizzy hair? Smooth hair is out of the question, giving way to waves and wavy curls. We assume our natural hair curly for hairstyles in motion, less conventional.

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Floee Lefebvre

This version of the bob is very prominent on social networks. The beach wave style is meant to be a more relaxed style, but with an elegant look at the same time.

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Catherine Valois

When looking for inspiration on how to make your hair beautiful, without overdoing it, this hairstyle is exactly what you need. An easy-to-wear hairstyle imbued with a sense of beauty and soft, natural colors to keep you looking young and fresh.

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Ultra Women

Marie-Pier Thibault

This graphic cut is influenced by past decades, such as the 1920s and 1940s. Named Ultra Woman, this cut embodies the fierce side of the femme fatale that lives in each of us!

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