Hair drying tips without the use of a hair dryer or a flat iron!

At any time, it is good to let your hair drye out naturally. It is not an impossible mission. Easier in summer time than in winter, I grant you that! Here are some suggestions to dry out your hair in a natural way without a blow-dryer and, according to your desired style.

Premier- Use quality products to start! Professional, preferably, given the chance. Their shampoos, their masks, their conditioners their rinses, guarantee healthy and shiny hair.

Second - Remove excess water by tapping and wringing at the same time with your towel. Never scrub the scalp rigidly, as the hair is more fragile when it is wet, it may get tangled and get damaged.

Third- The Mexican wrap, for straight hair. It is a matter of wrapping the hair by wicking the hair around the head like a turban that is placed on the head. A method which has existed for a long time and which has proved its effectiveness.

Fourth- Send the head upside down from time to time (that will give you bulk) and remove excess water by squeezing the hair in your hands for a natural curly effect and by using a suitable foam, you will help your curls to have more bounce. Make two large braids or more and let them dry naturally for a beachwave look once undone!

Obviously, it will be necessary to accept some imperfections and some unimageable hair growth that want to act on their own! GRRR ..

At least you will have a natural hair and without much effort.

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