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The wedding hairstyle of your dreams

A wedding is usually decided a year in advance so you have time to think about the wedding hairstyle of your dreams. Whether it be letting your hair grow in length or adding hair extensions for the occasion, a good hairstylist will work with you and advise you on how to manage your hair for this special occasion.

First and most importantly, choose your wedding dress and the accessories that match! These are the items that decide and dictate your look and your hair style, whether it be classical, romantic, traditional, original or cocktail! You can even go for a nice stylish hair cut that emphasizes your features and your personality combined with; a hat or a decorative comb or a stylish veil, with an open mind and good advice, will accentuate your beauty for your special day!

Three to four months before your wedding day, inquire about the hairstylist and meet with he or she (they might suggest a few treatments in preparation for your hairdo), on site in the salon for a consultation. Inform them about your expectations, the theme and atmosphere that you want to create that day, the number of people who will get their hair done with you that day, the cost etc..

Bring them a couple of photos of your wedding dress (very important) and show them some pictures of one or a few hairstyles that you like.

Our salon offers wedding packages that may include two hair and makeup consultations and try outs (it is the ideal package).

Wash your hair the day before and dry it according to the recommendation of your stylist. The hair is easier to manage the next day.

Do not arrive late. This causes unnecessary stress!

Plan easy to remove clothing rather than a turtleneck that would be problematic.

Check the solidity of your hairdo on the spot in the salon. Try moving your head in all directions (remember that you will be moving and dancing all night) to ensure no strands loosen and that your hairdo is well tightened and pinned together.

Feel free to ask your stylist about the best way to loosen your bun and remove the many pins that hold everything together.