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The CHI transformation system

Lissage permanent CHI

The CHI Transformation System is an Advanced American Technology system utilizing ceramic heat, negative ions, pure natural silk, and Cationic Hydration Interlink to transform hair from frizzy , curly, wavy, or even coarse straight hair by using the CHI Iron, silk, and negative ions without any harsh chemicals or ammonia into silky, beautiful, shiny, controlled straighter hair (only regrowth is treated after 6 to 9 months).

The CHI Transformation System is an advanced technology using 4 key elements to transform hair:

  • Ceramic Heat
  • Negative Ions
  • Pure Natural Silk
  • Cationic Hydration Interlink

This scientific approach permanently transforms hair from frizzy, wavy, curly or even coarse straight hair into silky beautiful controlled straighter hair by using the CHI Iron, silk and negative ions without the use of any harsh chemicals or amonia.

Ceramic conducts and maintains heat far more efficiently than any other material. It will provide moist heat compared to copper, metal plates and elements which have dehydrating effects on the hair, resulting in more damage, loss of moisture and premature color fade. CHI Iron’s ceramic heat will not only help maintain moisture levels in the hair, it also produces negative ions. These negative ions will help to push the silk molecules permanently deep inside the cortex. The results will be improved hair structure and a sealed cuticle layer.

The CHI Air Professional Blow-dryer projects millions of negative ions from its ceramic coil, which breakdown the water molecules into micro fine particles, rather than boiling them like conventional blow-dryers do. These smaller water molecules along with the silk penetrate the hair shaft more efficiently, improving the moisture balance, replenish the hair and helping to seal the cuticle. Ultimately the results are soft, smooth, shiny and silky transformed hair.

Cationic Hydration Interlink (CHI) is a positively charged molecule that provides moisture and links into the hair fiber. Farouk Systems uses only pure natural organic silk. Silk will provide a three dimensional shine and reflection due to its triangular molecular structure. It will also provide protection against heat, cold and humidity.

The CHI Transformation System utilizes silk in the entire system,helping to repair and improve the hair condition and quality.

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