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This is the new generation of smoothing systems which uses advanced technology to infuse keratin into the hair in the safest possible way. No harsh chemicals, just silkier, smoother, straighter, healthier hair.

* – Who is this treatment for?
Anyone who wants beautiful hair (shiny, silky, healthy, and manageable)! This system allows the hairstylist to adjust the process in order to get the desired results. For example, someone who wants to keep their curl but just get rid of the frizz would require a different process than someone who wants to get rid of the curl. There are even clients who have relatively straight hair, who want to just have frizzless great hair,  there is a process for them as well.

* – Is it a safe process?
Yes!! This product line adheres to Health Canada’s restrictions. And yes, it is non toxic completely formaldehyde-free!

* – Will it damage my hair?
Absolutely not! It will do quite the opposite as it is a treatment that will change the texture of your hair to softer, silkier, shinier and much healthier than before.

* – How long does it take to apply?
Depending how much hair you have and what kind of result you desire, it can take between 1-3.5 hours.

* – How long will it last in my hair?
This is a temporary treatment. The way it works is that after it has been infused into the hair, as you shampoo your hair, it gradually washes out. Again, it depends, on your hair type,  on how frequently you wash your hair and what shampoo you are using for maintenance. On average, for someone who washes their hair with the KERATINWORKS After Care shampoo and conditioner twice a week, the treatment will last between 4 and 6 months. Although, very often, we have clients who tell us it lasts longer.

* – Can I do it on top of another treatment (i.e., other relaxers, chemical straightenings, or other keratin products)?

* – When do I do my color?
It is recommended to do your color AFTER the treatment (usually after you have washed your hair 3 times) as this type of treatment may lighten your hair color. It is our experience that the more red pigment is present in the hair, the more there will be a change of color. This treatment will work with bleached hair or regular colored hair.

* – When should I cut my hair?
As the hair get straighter and changes texture, it is recommended to wait until AFTER to cut your hair.

* – When do I wash my hair after the treatment?
This is something that will be discussed with your hairstylist as the type of result you want will determine the length of time you keep the treatment in your hair. It can be washed out immediately as well as two days later for straighter results. It really depends on your hairtype and the result you desire. It’s very similar to finding the recipe for your hair color.

* – Can I still use styling products (i.e. gel, mousse, serums)?

* – Will I still be able to style or curl my hair with body after the treatment?
Yes! You will be able to form your hair any way you want.

* – Do I have to use your shampoo and conditioner?
Yes! If you want to extend the life of your treatment. The way it works it that our After Care shampoo and conditioner contain some of the active ingredients that are in the treatment and every time you wash your hair and them style it with heat, it reactivates the treatmentWill I still be able to style or curl my hair with body after the treatment?
Yes! You will be able to form your hair any way you want.

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