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Our master colorist – for your hair coloring

Our Master Colorist – for you hair coloring

Discover the latest trends created by our Master colorist.

At Super Salon Choucri, we are aware that todays clients are at the highest demand and at the most well informed yet. They expect the highest quality color that exists on the market. That is why we emphasize a checklist that every hair stylist in our salon must undergo in order to earn the title of Master Colorist. He or she must be able to suggest the right shade and be able to conduct an effective hair color consultation which leaves the client with a clear understanding of what her hair color will look like. It covers everything from a good diagnosis to formulating the color recipe and the right know how to leave nothing to chance.

When coloring hair, we take into account:

The underlying tones of ones skin, the color of the eyes, ones personality, the porosity of the hair and especially the changing seasons which is a factor that has to be considered while giving a haircoloring consultation to attain the targeted shade.

We have mastered all the basic points in hair coloring :

  • Achieving complete grey coverage.
  • The lift of both oil and powder hair lighteners and the deposit action of color.
  • Weaving the hair, while foil wrapping for highlights, with no bleeding or leaking of the color at the scalp area.
  • The ability to perform color corrections, including tint-backs, lowlights and the minimization of black ends.

We can proudly proclaim and with certainty that our salon uses the best professional products on the market to ensure at all times, a bright, shiny and silky end result