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Hair, True or false, do you know the wright answer ?

*To soften ones features, it is better to lighten the hair! True or false?

True – Especially jet black hair! We must correlate the hair color with the skin tone, the color of the eyes, the natural skin pigmentation, the influence of the change of seasons, personality and of course the maintaining it requires. Very dark coloring might add an exaggerated dimension effect to your hairdo. Worst comes to worse, if the shade is too light, you will not have any result !

*To strengthen ones hair, nothing like cutting it short and frequently! True or false?
False – Every case is different but what is certain is that long hair requires more maintenance. It should be cut every three or four months and fend for them to be healthy. Yet we are far from wielding the blow of a radical haircut. Research has shown that haircuts have no effect on the growth and texture of the hair.

True – Your hair color choice really plays a part with your personality, your seduction mood, your modesty and your sexuality. It’s like dredging a man except that you can change your mind or color willingly! Shades of blonde and red go well with those with blue and green eyes and are colors that women feel are sexier. However, blonde can give some women a colder appearance, sometimes more reserved. Brown is a color more for women who assert their personality and character. Adding warm tones to the hair color softens the visual effect. 80% of women prefer to have lighter hair despite the eyes appearing darker and sharper.