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Growing your hair healthier!

* Hair breakage at the tips of the hair !

Use a conditioner, as it helps keep the hair well hydrated, supple and untangled and protects from damage from the hairdryer or flat iron.

* About the scalp !

The best care for your scalp is a good mask (scalp therapy) that stimulates the blood vessels of the roots and effectively nourishes the hair. Also, daily massages are recommended.

* Do you wash your hair every day?

A shampoo once every two or three days is ideal not to dry out your hair and make them more fragile.

* Do not put too much stress on your hair;

Very tight ponytails and thin braids very close to the head cause a lot of damage and breakage to your hair.

* Take care of your health !

Adopt a balanced diet that includes all the vitamins and minerals you need and exercise regularly.

Trust your hairdresser! He is the only specialist who can advise you and suggest the most effective products for the health of your hair.