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How do you choose the best hair colour that suits you?

There are shades in hair colour that can brighten or darken your complexion.

First of all; Determine the tone of your skin. Turn your grip over and check the colour of your veins. If they are bluish or purple, your skin has cool undertones. Green or yellow veins indicate a warm complexion.

The interaction of light with your skin, eye colour, personality, hair porosity and the change of seasons is another important factor to consider in achieving the desired LOOK.



Fair complexions with cool undertones:

The paler your complexion, the lighter your hair can be. Cool blondes like platinum or soft blond are perfect for porcelain skin.


Fair complexions with warm undertones:

The colours that can highlight its undertones are found in coppery red, rust, golden blonde, raspberry or caramel.

Neutral complexions with cool undertones:

Blondes can go for sand, wheat, or beige tones to enhance their skin tone and stay natural.

Neutral complexions with warm undertones:

The bronde, a colour halfway between blond and brown. Coppery or golden reds will add sparkle to these tones and help them achieve perfection rather than overwhelming.

Olive complexion with cool undertones:

The reddish browns of the chestnut, the fall colours or the cinnamon gives a very nice effect.

Dark complexions with warm undertones:

Want a darker tone? Go for a warm mocha that can remove the pink undertones from your skin while softening its appearance.

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